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Hi I'm Rob and I''m the Founder of OrFactor Productions.


Myself and my team provide cutting edge video services to ensure your brand stays "top of mind". We have worked with key players in our time such as Jessops, and the Northamptonshire Police and establish our customer's key messages, ensuring they break through the "day-to-day" noise of our modern world.


We provide everything from initial storyboard ideas to what to do to maximise your videos potential once the project is completed.


Give me a call or schedule a meeting today and see how we can help you maximise your investment.

Production Office: 01527  306350


"I'm proud to serve each and every client and provide a truly personalised service"


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We will work together to generate Ideas

Plan dates times and locations

Shoot the masterpiece 

ROI & Increased brand loyalty

We have worked for many successful clients 

Morgan Motors

Sense the deaf-blind charity

The Vintage Charm Company

North east Worcestershire college

Coventry University 

Kingfisher Shopping Centre


What do our clients think?

Meet The Team


Sean Macreavy

Video Expert


John Roddy

BAFTA Winning - Sound Engineer


Connor Ashmore

Sound Engineer 

Meet the team
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