Your Top 5 Tips for Valentines Day Success



It's a week before the big day and everyone is rushing around, wondering how am I going to please my darling partner. It doesn't matter if you've been married for 20 years or haven't really met them yet, pin back your earlobes and listen up to these tips if you want a smooth February 14th!



1) Don't leave it 'til the last minute!




Some people (particularly men... sorry chaps!) always tend to leave things to the last minute. Whether it be turning up to that restaurant dinner late, or grabbing that all important card before the shutter goes down at closing time. It just doesn't bode well!


Write a list, keep it out of sight and set targets for specific days. We all lead a hectic lifestyle but in the age of 24hr shops, there's no excuses!




2) Do your research if you don't know them well, (or even if you think you do)!




You may think you know your crush or other half but do you really? If your stuck for ideas on what to buy, ask their friends, they will give you some good insight, particularly if you haven't known them for very long. If your on talking terms you could even ask their parents, if your feeling brave!


Ask yourself, what do they do in there spare time? Perhaps its a hobby or they have been longing for that weekend away? Or a spa break! Whatever it is, listen up, they may well be dropping hints and you just don't know it!


This is unless you don't know them and never talked to them.... in which case, play it safe with some good old chocolate and flowers! 




3) Expensive isn't always better!


Sometimes you can't buy happiness! Spending time with your special someone doesn't have to be expensive. You could do something in. Cook a meal, rent a movie, write a poem or love note, something you don't normally do!


If you have kids, see if someone can have them for the night, and you never know you might get more than you bargained for!





4) Try to think outside the box!


Try not to be too traditional with your gifts, for example like chocolates and flowers. Sometimes it speaks volumes to do something totally different, although if they like chocolates and flowers, who's to say?





5) Have Fun!


Whatever you get up to on Valentines Day, make sure you enjoy it and have a laugh. Its a special time of year and its your one chance to let that someone special know how much you adore them! 


If there a brand new crush, try not to act too serious and I'm sure you'll be successful.









*P.S I'm not a love god, but just giving some friendly tips and advice for you lovely people. It might not be 100% effective, but just use your own common sense and I cant be held responsible if it goes wrong, which I'm sure it wont :D 








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